CETLL Mission and Oversight

The Queens College’s Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (CETLL), originally founded in 2006 as The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), focuses on building a community of inquiry through faculty-driven efforts. Our goal is to assess the needs of our instructional community, and in turn, provide offerings dedicated to these critical areas. As CETLL, we aim to provide a comprehensive faculty development center that focuses on all aspects of faculty professional development. We support this collective effort by providing faculty with opportunities to discuss and learn about all aspects of sound pedagogical practice across all teaching modalities. In addition, we offer assistance with professional growth and career development, as well as helping interested faculty identify leadership opportunities across our campus community. To achieve these aims, we strive to build a community of collaboration and caring among our diverse faculty so that they in turn, can use these skills to foster a more inclusive learning environment that promotes positive student outcomes across our diverse student community.

The Center reports to the Office of the Provost, and receives oversight and direction from the Teaching Excellence and Evaluation Committee of the Queens College  Academic Senate.