End of the Semester Checklist

The end of the semester is nearly upon us. Here are a few tasks that you may want to take care of in the next few days.

Resolve incomplete (INC) grades / Request a grade change

Please consult Academic Policies & Procedures

To request a grade change

  1. Visit https://apps.qc.cuny.edu/gradechange/.
  2. Go to the top-right corner of the page and select “Log In.”
  3. Use your CAMS account details to log in.
Process Scantron sheets

If you have any ungraded Scantron sheets, scan them now. For instructions, visit the ITS Support Scantron page.

Please contact ITS at Support@qc.cuny.edu if you have any questions.

Submit your grades

Enter grades into CUNYfirst by using the Grade Roster or an Excel spreadsheet. Note: You must click on “Submit” to submit the grades. Saving the grade roster won’t submit it and the grades won’t be recorded or transmitted to students.

  • Thursday, May 16, 2024Spring 2024 grade rosters open.
  • Tuesday, May 28th, 2024: Spring 2024 grade submission deadline for both graduate and undergraduate courses.

All Queens College courses being conducted through Blackbard will be conducted through Brightspace starting in Summer 2024. We will no longer use Blackboard.

Blackboard courses from 2022-2024 are being automatically migrated to Brightspace. Please note that this process does not include migrating any Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings; faculty are responsible for manually backing up those recordings. Instructions can be found at How to Download Recordings from Blackboard Collaborate.

Faculty will be responsible for manually backing up and migrating pre-2022 courses from Blackboard. CETLL strongly recommends that you begin the backup process now. For instructions, visit backing up a Blackboard course to Brightspace.

If you want to preserve the student performance records, download the grade center of your course.

For more details about the transition to Brightspace, visit the Queens College Brightspace Transition Timeline.

Please direct questions to the Queens College Brightspace Transition Team at Brightspace@qc.cuny.edu

Reserve course materials for Fall 2024

The Reserves and Course Content department of Rosenthal Library is now accepting requests for new materials to be hosted for the Fall 2024 semester. The deadline is August 1st for the Fall Semester. Requests received after the deadline will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Renewals and New Requests

Information and Policies for Faculty site, visit Reserves Information for Faculty.

For questions about Reserves, contact the reserve desk at: qc_reserve@qc.cuny.edu.

Course Adoption/Textbooks

Submit your course adoption information for your Fall 2024 courses through the online book store.  Submission of your adoption information helps to support course accessibility and affordability.

Enter information about textbooks, alternative course materials, or select “no books required” for each of your courses.  Use your CUNYfirst credentials to make your selections.  Textbook information entered through the bookstore will automatically update your course in CUNYfirst. Consider having the library place a copy of the materials on reserve for your class. Information on requesting reserves can be found at Reserves Information for Faculty.

Ways to communicate with your students

As the semester comes to a close, we would like to remind faculty and staff of the ways in which to communicate with students via email and text. Faculty and advisors may email or text students in their classes or caseload by utilizing the QC Navigate platform. Visit https://www.qc.cuny.edu/eab/eab-messaging-students/ for self-service instructions on how to message students.

For mass communication from staff members to QC students, visit https://www.qc.cuny.edu/es/ to submit a request. Emails are sent on behalf of individuals, departments, and strawman accounts to all students or specific student populations.

Update your CV

Take some time to update your CV. Be sure to list recent conferences, lectures and professional development workshops you attended.

Finally, reflect on the semester

As the semester comes to a close, we encourage you to take some time to reflect on your teaching experiences over the last months. It may be helpful to document your thoughts and feelings before the break and then revisit your notes as you plan for the new semester.

Below are a set of guiding questions you may find useful.*

  • What surprised you about your course this semester?
  • What about your teaching experiences this semester brought you pride or joy? Name your greatest successes or accomplishments (any size, big or small).
  • What were your biggest challenges (again, any size!) in your teaching this semester?
  • What did you notice about pace and timing? Where did you or your students need more time on concepts, readings/other materials, activities and/or assignments? Where did you or your students need less time?
  • What aspects of your course (e.g. topics, materials, assignments) do you intend to keep on your syllabus in the future?  Why?
  • What aspects of your course (e.g. topics, materials, assignments) do you intend to change? Why?
  • What helped you to keep up your energy and engagement with your courses and your students this semester? What else would have been helpful? Are there resources you need to be better supported in your role as a teacher?

If you would like to talk through any questions or other issues that your reflections raise, please contact CETLL at CTLOnline@qc.cuny.edu.

*Guiding questions adapted from materials produced by Montclair State University Office for Faculty Excellence

Additional suggestions for end-of semester reflection