Rubric for Evaluating Online Instruction

If you are looking to evaluate your own hybrid or online course, or if you are asked to observe a hybrid or online course being taught by a colleague, try using a rubric for online instruction.

One rubric we strongly recommend was developed by California State University, Chico. It specifies six categories for a course with online components:

  1. Learner support and resources: does the course link to campus resources and provide information on being an online learner?
  2. Online organization and design: is the course well organized and easy to navigate?
  3. Instructional design and delivery: does the course clearly link course goals and objectives, does it provide opportunities for students to interact, does it offer multiple activities?
  4. Assessment and evaluation of student learning: are the assessments clearly linked to learning objectives?
  5. Innovative teaching with technology: does the course use varied and effective technologies to facilitate communication and learning?
  6. Faculty use of student feedback: does the instructor offer students the opportunity to provide feedback?

The complete rubric, including descriptors for each category at baseline, effective, and exemplary levels and a downloadable pdf are available at

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